Friday, August 19, 2011

Plan Fail.......A Change of Focus.

Apologies for not letting folks knowing what has been occurring. My BGR aspirations for this year all went wrong, in part due to my dissapointment with my original plan, my increasing workload, and in part due to my wife's work commitments. A deficit, and a lack of time to make it up in time for a pre-determined date. Gutted really, to not be able to turn up and give it a realistic go.

I tend not to write when there's nothing positive to say, and even on twitter (@richpips) I left the building for a while.

I've been back for a while riding a bit, and running also. First socially, and I have to say without my friends I'd probaly not have bothered for a good while longer. Out with friends doing fun stuff in the hills is top.

Last minute decisions got me into a couple of 24 hour races in teams rather than solo, that has been my want previously, and unlike the solo thing, racing in a team is fun. One can race hard for a lap, and then relax for the next few. This sort of got me back to the idea of racing. We're not racing for the top spots, but who can do the fastest lap ;) .

July the 1st and the entries for the 3 peaks cyclo-cross open.

I am in and I am going to race.

Just for fun of course.

More soon.