Monday, October 15, 2012

It's not all about Me.

Lately, it's been all change on the weekend excercise front for me. Rarely now do I get to race, or head out on my own into the hills.

My enthusiasm has not waned, but my son's enthusiasm for getting out on his bike now matches (and some times surpasses) mine.

I've been fairly laissez faire about getting my kids into running or cycling. They've got fell shoes, and half decent bikes, but I've never pushed either of them, and in fact my eldest is currently happiest sat on the settee watching CBBC for the time being. Happy kid equals happy me.

Recently though, my lad has become really keen on riding bikes.

His enthusiasm is such, that after much pestering I have bought him a Moda Minor cyclo-cross bike.  A cross bike is loads better than a mountain bike for doing road miles, and it's what his daddy rides near all the time. Plus remember if you have a nice bike, then your kid is going to want one too.

So yesterday we entered our first Sportive together. The Mills Hills cyclo-cross variant starting in Mytholmroyd looping Studley Pike, visiting Heptonstall, and Hebden Bridge more than once. 35 miles and 5000' of steep ups and down.

We had a couple of tearful moments, one after a crash on the loose rocks on Gorple Road, the other when a farm dog jumped out and knocked him off his bike. Otherwise, in his words (like the last time he went for a ride) "today has been the best day ever"

I can't ask for more than that can I.