Monday, November 21, 2011

Bob Graham Training 2011 for a Winter Round.

Just over a year ago I started training for the Bob Graham.

Unfortunately the training ended about a month later.

Too much too soon, seemed to be the cause of it. I'd read of building run mileages up slowly, but I guess I thought this didn't refer to me.

I did try a come back of sorts but my aspirations for 2010 as written elsewhere on here fizzled out. Looking back now, this has been a good thing.

I kept at the running, didn't fret about the mileage or ascent, and in so doing built a solid base from which to work from.

I trained hard as well for the Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross. With lots of time spent on the bike which seems to have transferred well to running up hills.

So after the Peaks I tentatively decided to keep training with half an eye on the BG again.

I've concentrated on my running technique, I'm now a fore/mid foot runner, and the knee problems that have plagued me in the past, are a distant memory.

I've worked on a week of hard work, followed by an easier one to allow recovery. Though throughout making sure I get as much hill work in, even if the mileage is low.

There have been some long runs, and some proper long rough ones.

I've been practicing eating on the move, and gorged myself in cafes on the way round, all good.

This last week has been my biggest so far, and a sort of tester to reassure myself that all is going to plan.

64 miles and 9000' on the fixie with lots of hard efforts.

60 miles and 19,200' run including a 9 1/2 hour day.

Felt pretty good throughout really, though a couple of little niggles started to appear towards the end of the week. Though these don't seem to be developing in to show stoppers. Anway, an easy week this one.

So I'm fit enough I reckon to give the Bob Graham round a good go.

Plans are afoot for a winter round if the weather plays nice.

More soon.