Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Date in Winter.

I feel I've done enough training now for my Bob Graham round. 3 months of high miles, and big ascents, building on the rest of the years base miles.

So, the 6th/7th of January I shall be leaving the Moot Hall at 8pm.
Darkness for legs 1 + 2 and as far as Rossett Crag. From there the most technical ground will traversed in daylight, before dusk again falls at Honister Pass. Leg 5 back to Keswick again in the dark. All this based on a 23 hour schedule.

I'm feeling strong and confident.

Having written all that, I will be at the mercy of the weather and ground conditions. A much faster runner than me, Nick Clark is currently on his own winter round. Early expectations were of a sub 20 hour round. The most recent time check is that he's well down on the 24 hour time limit after leg 2. Rain, low visibility, and deep snow aren't helping. My fingers are crossed for him.

Let's hope the Lakeland Fells and weather play nice in January.