Friday, November 27, 2009

2010 Adventures Overdue.

Nearing the end of 2009, I realise that I've spent very little time on my bike. My only race was the Kielder 100, and that was a bit of a disaster, and other than a few day trips, not much in the way of adventures.

It's not been laziness. I devoted the days where I would have raced, to taking pictures at those events instead. A strategy which for my photography that is paying off. I've managed to have pictures published in a number of sports magazines. The most recent of which was a picture of Nick for the Ride Journal.

Ride Journal

Anyway for 2010 I'm hoping to combine more riding with the photography, and have some big adventures along the way.

So far on the rather small list are a few sojourns. In no particular order Amy, Kate and I are going to have a couple of days out in the Lake District completing the Lakeland Lugger. A route that I formulated over 2 years ago, reccied a coupe of sections, and have not yet completed. Date TBA, but sometime twixt May and July.

A Tour of the Cairngorms. Time to revisit the Scottish wilderness. 5 days or so camping and riding in February sometime between the 13th-21st (half term).

For the summer holidays, I've not quite decided yet, but following some of the Tour de France and completing the Tour de Mont Blanc in under 24 hrs are targets.

I've retired from 24 hour solo racing for the time being, but I will be at Strathpuffer, Mountain Mayhem, and Sleepless in the Saddle with my camera.

Any more ideas for adventures gratefully received.


  1. i take it you're doing the bike version of the tdmb ;)

  2. Yes. When I did it before over 3 days laden down with tent etc. I did it in under 24hrs riding time. So it should be a goer. On foot I'd allow myself a loooooooong time. :)

  3. non stop, straight though. impressive. will you have support?

  4. Nope, that is as long as you don't count the boulangeries that can be found en route.

  5. The Lakeland Lugger looks fantastic

  6. the pennine bridleway sounds like an obvious choice, since you live more or less en route

  7. pretty sure i can think of some adventures for you:)