Wednesday, October 5, 2011

School Run #1

 Putting ones proposed plans on the internet is good if you need a reminder, or a little nudge, but is not so good if you have a change of mind. Writing this a couple of days ago commited me to going for a long run yesterday. Basically drop kids at school, go for long run, pick kids up after school. Which would have been fine if I, a) woke up with more than fifteen minutes to get ready and be out of the door, and b) hadn't got a bit of a hangover. I could have so easily opted for a less stressful start to the day.

I rushed a gulp of tea, and a couple of rounds of toast down me whilst collecting together the stuff I'd fortunately organised the preceding evening. Less than ten minutes to get to school, means we'll be riding there and quickly. Kids delivered to school on time, bike dumped in the school bike shed, and I'm away.

I'd been rushing that much that I ran off on autopilot, not going the exact way I had planned. Soon to be rectified with a slight change of direction. The next part of the route I knew well, and it wasn't until past the Brown Knoll trig, that I covered some new to me ground. The sun was shining thankfully and the ground was dry, Brown Knoll has little attraction on any other day.

Brown Knoll from South Head.

After the desolation of Brown Knoll, it was back to a sort of civilisation and the kempt ridge path that takes me over Lord's Seat and onto Lose Hill. Lots of folk out walking this part of the route. I say good morning to them all.

Whilst descending Lose Hill, I check my watch and I'm down on my schedule by about ten minutes. I also can't decide what I'm going to have for lunch. I'd like a full English, but can envisage my stomach not being impressed once I start running again. Ten minutes later and I am in the Woodbine Cafe. A pint of coffee in front of me and beans on toast ordered. Map out to see if I can find a bit of time in better route choices, if I'm ten minutes down now, then that would mean maybe twenty minutes down overall, which wouldn't do. I find a solution. Nothing for it but to run the first two and a bit miles on the road, which should give me back a bit of time.

Another cup of coffee before I leave and I'm soon heading up Edale road. I'm making for the YHA en route for Ringing Roger and the Kinder Plateau.

Edale YHA.
After the YHA it is open ground, and the headwind I was expecting began to make itself apparent. Once on the plateau, whilst near the edge the wind near blew me over a couple of times. Thankfully when inland of the edge a bit, the wind's effect was not as intense.

I'm starting to clock watch more intensely now, doing Naismith type calculations in my head whilst trying to keep up my running speed. Unsurprisingly my legs are tiring a bit, so pushing on hurts. At Edale Cross, it's mostly downhill, the time is 15:02. I conclude that it's going to be a close thing getting back to school for 15:20, which I've since worked out would be 3 x 6 minute miles :)

The last thing I want to do at the end of a long run is to start running fast, but that is exactly what I had to do. I lengthened my stride and went for it.  Down the rocky uneven  ankle twisting Edale Road, then onto the unforgiving, no excuse not to really run fast tarmac back into the village and onto school.

I made it some ten minutes late, only to be told off by my kids for keeping them waiting.

25 miles, and 4400', 5 Hours 48 minutes moving.

A really enjoyable day out in the hills.


  1. Well done. I'd be pleased to do that on a bike, never mind on foot!

  2. good running rich! probably would have been on time if you'd just had half a pint of coffee ;)

  3. Th woman in the cafe said "I wasn't expecting that" when I ordered the pint pot of coffee. Do I look like a skinny latte drinker or summat?

  4. A pretty impressive day out in the hills I would say....well done!


  5. Thanks Trevor, I was impressed as I often am by the beauty of what's so close to my house. I'm a lucky man.