Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Highland Trail 550 Race Day 7

There is a time limit on this event of 8 days. Which meant when I awoke at 05:20 that there were just over 50 hours left to complete 140 miles. These were relatively easy miles too.

Still shit could still happen so I packed up and got riding.

Last year me and Minipips rode passed here in the rain during our summer holidays. No rain today though.

My little local knowledge of the route secured me some Rum and Cranberry biscuits.

Then towards the falls of Glomach.

Time for a rest.

I savoured the views. Hot sun meant for a lazy descent, that is until the tree lined boulevard with midges forced some speed. 

Near Tornich there was a diversion due to forestry works. 

From there I could see the last hill of the day.. Once over the top there would be pizza in Fort Augustus.

It's a steady climb, rideable, I've got time in hand.

I stop, to put some ibuprofen gel on my knees and to check out my sore feet. My knees had hurt from day 2 as I had expected then to when I had signed up to do this in January. My feet though were not part of my plan.

6 days of constantly wet or damp feet had given me the beginnings of trench foot. Painful. I rubbed in some chamois cream. My feet liked this. Be grateful you can't smell the picture.

Just before Fort A, a different metallic crack.

I couldn't be bothered looking at it until the next morning.


A few more miles down the Gret Glen then bed.

Surely I'll get to Tyndrum next day.

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