Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm back running.

Well that injury was a right nuisance, and it seemed that the only way to get rid of it was to take some time off from the running. I've ridden the mountain bike a bit and this seems to have helped in maintaining some fitness.

Anyways this week after reading of others fitness New Year resolutions I got my running shoes on and got back out there.

A tentative and slow 50 minutes on Thursday afternoon suggested that my injury was gone, so later that evening I went out on our weekly club run for another couple of hours. All good.

Saturday, and Lisa and I walked over Kinder to Fairbrook, and thence to Edale. Proper icy up on the paths on the Northern Edges.

Pretty light as we headed over the plateau.

Sunday and a run over to the Downfall, which whilst thin for climbing has plenty of spray ice on it.

So 28 miles and 5800' this week. But most importantly no pain or niggles.

More next week.


  1. good news...don't over do it too quickly though!

  2. Thanks Trevor and Kate.

    I will endeavour not to break myself this time round.