Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Arse - Nemesis.

What a peculiar post title eh?

Well it is you see. My arse has stopped me getting out running. The preceding week's Sunday long run ended up with some discomfort in my tail.

Sadly Monday and the discomfort had turned into a stab which manifested its self everytime I put my left foot somewhere.

So really we can now say left arse, and somewhere deep too.

Anyways, sensibly (don't be shocked) I took a couple of days off running and took it easy.

Friday, still not much improvement, some pain, even when walking, but my physio pal tells me another week off and I should be back to running.

So I miss the Famous Grouse race on Sunday, and take some pictures instead.

I've managed a few bike rides, but todays 2 hour bash about in the snow drifts, has made me realise that this too is maybe doing more harm than good.

So I guess that's it for a while with running.

Physio again on Friday.


PS. Some good news, I got the tests back from the Docs today, and apparently, am not going to die of kidney, liver or lung related ailments soon. Though my cholestrol levels leave a bit to be desired.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you're not dying!!
    ....maybe a spot of boarding instead for a bit :)