Monday, November 1, 2010

BG training week 1.

I think it's more or less a week since I decide it was game on, so, if only to poke my self in to action, every now and then, I'll put some facts up here and observations on them, to keep me motivated.

Conventional wisdom says build up slowly ie increase total mileage by 10% a week. So as I did 22 miles last week on my recent return to running, it was only right that I did loads more this week.


I enjoy pushing myself, and I know that the BG is going to be a push. So a harder week to evaluate my weaknesses was in order.

7000' of hills this week and 38 miles.

I could have done more - Good. The running thing was OK, slow but I can do that for a few hours already. 3 1/2 hours my longest outing this week.

Bad- my shonky knees. My knees pain me on the bike, walking with a sack, and running. Bleugh.

So my knees are definitely going to be my weakness, especially descending. So I've done two things, one started some quad exercises and also ordered some Mountain King Trail Blazer Poles.

For sure that if my upper body can assist me in getting round via some stick things then I'm up for that. Plus i've seen some people fast descending using them, so if I get on with them and can master the technique.... well we'll see.

I've had a day off today.

Back to it tomorrow, and loving the shitty weather and darkness, which is somewhat odd for me at this time of the year.

Pictures to be resumed soon, my memory card for my GF1 fell to pieces the other day.


  1. This reminds me I need to start thinking about starting some training for 24solo....would be easier if it wasn't already getting dark outside!

    You thought of a date yet?

  2. Late May or sometime June, semi dependant on what the rest of my running club are up to.

    I'll let you know. :)