Monday, August 25, 2014

Part Audax - Part 3 Peaks Cyclocross.

The plan for the weekend was to ride the Old 240, a 400K Audax from Sowerby Bridge.

I could say I woke at 3:50, but the truth as I rolled out of my sleeping bag, was that I had no sleep.

I ate a couple of pastries, and a sandwich, and drank some tea. I was tired. Emma and Chris were up shortly after. Emma made a big bowl of porridge. I had a bowl full.

As we rode towards the start from Hebden Bridge, my stomach was struggling with all the food I'd eaten.

The three of us rode together for a while, but I couldn't keep up, so I told them to get on.

I felt sick, my breakfast, regularly tried to make a reappearance. I just managed to keep it down. Some 10 miles before I got to Settle, James drove past. He was planning a cyclo-cross ride, and we'd arranged to share a few miles from Settle.

At the Old Naked Man in Settle, we met again, and I drank two cups of tea in an attempt to settle my stomach.

The plan was for us to both ride to Dent together, which we did. I managed then after some hours on the bike, to once again get some food down.

The company was great, as were the views.

At Dent we were supposed to go our separate ways, but I couldn't contemplate finishing the Audax. I was knackered. Plus burying myself just before a family holiday would not have been the done thing.

So at Dent I decided that I'd follow James over the Great Wold bridleway to pick up the Three Peaks Cyclo-cross descent off of Whernside.

Traction was at times marginal on my Gatorskins.

Still 85psi got me down to Ribblehead without any punctures or crashes.

From Ribblehead to Settle seemed to take an eternity. I'd had enough when I'd got there, but rode a little further to make a round figure.

100 miles done, none of which felt easy.

Thanks also to James for driving me back to Hebden Bridge whilst I slept, and to Ali and Emma for feeding me the night before.

There's no disappointment for having not finished the Audax. I'm just grateful that a mate helped to turn a shit day into a good one.

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