Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Mixed Week.

Monday a pleasant steady 5 miles.

A niggling pain in my chest forced me to the doctors on Tuesday. The Doctor was so not impressed with my peak flow reading, that I then had to have lots of blood tests and a visit to the hospital for a chest X-ray.

Not a clue what, if anything is up, but it certainly put me of my stroke for the first part of the week, though I did manage a couple of short sorties. WTF does it take 10-14 days for a digital X-ray to get back to my doctor? Anyways, as I write this it doesn't hurt anymore, so we'll forget all about that unless we hear otherwise.

Thursday I did 10 miles. I slipped and heard my shoulder pop as I tried to slow my progress to the ground. Sore.

Friday, mileage deficit and a shoulder that hurts like hell. 0 miles.

Saturday, a good day. Did fairly well in our club handicap. Pleased that I was able to stay with some of the qiucker runners, at least for a while. Felt fairly strong.

Sunday, a long run over to Edale and back. Felt pretty rubbish all the way round, still ~20 miles not feeling good for the mind, is probably better than a 20 that feels easy.

A bit light on the hills this week, but in spite of the crap start to the week I still ran 40 miles which is where I wanted to be at the end of it.

The plan is for more miles and hills next week.
We'll see eh?


  1. Hi
    I've just found your blog-interesting posts-will continue to follow.

  2. Thanks Trevor, hopefully it will continue to be of interest.

  3. just catching up...let me know if/when you want some support, roadside obviously ;)