Sunday, November 7, 2010

Round Kinder.

42 miles run and 8600' of hills this week.

Tuesday and Wednesday were relatively short runs.

Thursday's original plan was to drive over to the A628 and to run North to Black Hill, but Lisa's car was grumbling so we opted instead to run from the village round the Kinder plateau.

From hers over Matley Moor, and on to Mill Hill we go. We couldn't see much from there, but as long as we kept a void to our left all was good. In fact we didn't even bother to take the map out. We tried to run the lot though the peat groughs did their best to slow us down. I used my Trail Blazer walking poles for the first time and they helped progress. Lisa referred to them disparagingly with a phrase featuring the words "old man".

Approaching Blackden Brook, I checked over my shoulder and Lisa had disappeared. Odd but no doubt she'd taken a slighty different line through the peat hags, so I carried on. A moment later I checked back again, and still I couldn't see her. I stopped and scanned the area methodically. Nowt.

I legged it back the way I came and soon find her lying motionless on the floor. Interrogation quickly reveals that she has gone over on her ankle big time. I make her see if she can move her foot, and she can, so I know if we're not going to call Mountain rescue, that she better get back on her feet straight away. I give her my "old man" sticks and tell her to head down to the Brook whilst I work out our escape route.

Excellent, we are about as far as we can be from Hayfield, in fact about as far away as we can be from anywhere of note. Edale is around 3 crow miles away, so I take a bearing and we make our way across the plateau, and then down to Edale.

We check the train times at the Station and find that though it is 1:30 the next train won't get us over our side of the hill until 4pm. Public transport eh?

A quick ring round a few friends and we solicit a lift back to Hayfield just in time to get the kids from school. (Thanks Debs)

Lisa reports she has a blue tennis ball on her ankle (last seen yesterday with her own walking stick). :) Not so funny is that it'll be a while until her ankle is better.

Even though we'd only done ~13miles that day, on Friday my legs were sore, so I had the day off.

Saturday I needed a big run to get the miles up. So again, though this time alone I headed for the Kinder Plateau. This time mindful of what can happen in remote places I instruct Ann of route and times in case things go wrong.

A contrast to Thursday, Saturday is a still sunny day. I make good progress and feel strong most of the way round. Though the bogs were getting tiresome towards the end. I should have got up a bit earlier so I didn't have to finish in the dark, but otherwise a top day out. 19 miles and 3700'

Looking forward to heading up to the Lakes on Thursday for my first Bob Graham recce of legs 1 and 2.

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